We designed this workshop for Chiropractors and Practice Managers with no video marketing experience, or those who are already making video but are struggling with content and getting views and are ready to elevate their game and take their practice to the next level.

By the end of the workshop you will learn 5 unique ways to use video, how to show up powerfully on camera and how to use video to highlight your expertise, super charge your brand and attract new patients. You’ll receive 5 step-by-step templates – so you can fast track your video production; a 7-week video marketing road map; and you’ll even design a super cool social-media-ready video!

Paula will teach you everything she did to got 10 million Youtube views, and Cindy will share what she learned over 20 years as an anchor woman presenting on national television.

The ideal student for this workshop is a Chiropractor or Practice Manager who understands that VIDEO IS THE FUTURE and is ready to use this powerful marketing tool to grow their practice right now! There is no special equipment or experience required to enroll, only a desire to lead and be THAT go-to expert in your field.